windows-2008-server Windows Server 2008: Post-install configuration and performance guide
Provides a list of some of the more common windows server 2008 post-installation configuration settings and tasks that can be applied to optimize performance and finalise a server build
bitser-backup How to create an encrypted backup of your confidential files
Provides a video tutorial on how to create an encrypted or password protected backup or your files using freeware software called Bitser
outlook-hotmail Get Hotmail in Outlook with Outlook connector
Shows you how to access your hotmail, msn and windows live email accounts from Outlook using Microsoft's Outlook connector add-on
ssi-includes Reuse web site headers and menus using IIS Server-side include files.
Shows you how to reuse web page headers, menus and footers using Server-side includes (SSI) and IIS

Windows 7 tips and useful new features
Takes a look at some of the lesser known useful new features in Windows 7 along with a few tips

google-features Google search commands: City Time & Weather, Currency converter..
Shows you some of the more useful search features available using google search. Includes examples on quickly determining the time and weather in any city, converting currency, converting unit measurements and more...
windows7-search Windows 7 - Searching from the start menu for programs and settings
Shows you how to find windows 7 programs and settings faster using the start menu search feature
zenoss-time Changing the time on the Zenoss dashboard
Shows you how to change the time on the Zenoss dashboard when using the vmware virtual appliance
windows7-desktop Windows 7 - Show the computer icon on the desktop
How to show the my computer icon on the desktop in windows 7 and vista

VMware vSphere - 503 server unavailable
vSphere Client could not connect. The server could not interpret the communication from the client. The remote server returned an error: (503) Server Unavailable.